The Ann Smeltzer Charitable Trust was established in the year 2000 as one of the final wishes of Miss Ann Smeltzer.  She was a life long resident of Fort Dodge and Webster County in Iowa.  She was a strong supporter of cultural events in Fort Dodge and helped many young artists throughout her life time. Ann was also a supporter of the environment through her many donations to organizations in Iowa and around the world. The Trust Board is made up of representatives from nine organizations from Fort Dodge and Webster County that best represent the beliefs and wishes of Miss Smeltzer.

Mission Statement

The Ann Smeltzer Charitable Trust is a cultural environmental center that exists to enhance/enrich the community through outreach and resources in the arts, music, literature, history, environmental conservation and stewardship, and social justice.

Officers and Members

G.William Griffel, President
Jo Seltz, Vice President
Dr. Mike Bottorff, Secretary
Branden Hansel, Treasurer
Jim Kersten, Iowa Central
Audra Fisher, ISU Extension
Norm Lundquist, Conservation
Rita Schmidt, FD Public Library
TH Hoefing, Karl King Band