Mission Statement

The Ann Smeltzer Charitable Trust is a cultural environmental center that exists to enhance/enrich the community through outreach and resources in the arts, music, literature, history, environmental conservation and stewardship, and social justice.

Vision Statement

  1. Restore and maintain the historical integrity of the Ringland-Smeltzer home.
  2. Develop and utilize the farmland to create income.
  3. Provide a venue and resources for activities in music, the arts, and literature.
  4. Provide a model and resources for agricultural and environmental conservation.
  5. Provide encouragement and resources in the arenas of public policy and social justice.
  6. Provide a model and resources for historical facilities and preservation.


  • Restore and maintain property
  • Utilize farmland and other property to produce income with emphasis on conservation of resources
  • Provide benefits and resources to the community


Bill Griffel, Oak Hill Historic District
Branden Hansel, Fort Dodge Community Schools
Jim Kersten, Iowa Central Community College
Jo Seltz, Blanden Memorial Art Museum
Audra Fisher, Webster County Extension/ISU
Dr. Mike Bottorff, Fort Dodge Historical Foundation
Norm Lundquist, Webster County Conservation Board
T. H. Hoefing, Fort Dodge Symphony
Rita Schmidt, Fort Dodge Public Library