House & Grounds

House Committee

The house committee has seven members. The committee makes all decisions concerning work within the house in regard to restoration and preservation of the structure. We are currently working through a 12 year program to restore the house to a 1905-1915 style. There are still rooms on the first floor to be renovated the second and third floors are waiting for our ideas. Mr. Bob Yapp is our guide for this work and has supplied the basic structure for us to follow. We meet on a monthly basis and decide what to do next. This is another committee that is a hands on group that does the moving of most furniture and objects for the major work to be done each year. Local contractors are used for the major work.

Grounds Committee

The grounds committee has 5 members including the chairman. There is always room for additional members. The grounds committee is responsible for all changes to the landscape around the house and properties of the Ann Smeltzer Charitable Trust. The committee meets on an as need basis for various projects that are completed throughout the year. This is a hands on committee meaning that if it needs planting we do the planting. The committee uses the services of a trained landscape architect, but she follows our direction in determining design. A landscape company in Fort Dodge is used for the heavy work.